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  • Primary UX partner To The High-tech Industry
  • Specializing In Technical UX Domains
  • Research and Recruiting In Over 60 Countries


URI Contactless Lab Pod for User Research

Contactless Lab Pods for In-Person User Research

  • Contactless Hosting
  • Air & Surface Sanitation
  • Private & Secure
  • Checked by NSF®


Find the right research participants

  • In house recruiting team work directly with researchers
  • Project management, NDA collection and gratuity distribution
  • Large database of specialist technical profiles


State of the art modern facilities


  • Usability labs
  • Focus Group Facilities
  • In-person or remote observation


How we can help you

  • Where does the fun come from in this game genre?
  • Gain insights about how to enhance the usability of a product
  • Do people find this product easy to use?
  • Insights that can guide the development of your product and significantly impact its success
  • Focus on behavior rather than opinion
  • How long does it take users to complete certain tasks?
  • Capture how users perform tasks
  • Where are breakdowns happening in common user tasks?
  • How could the information in our product be better organized?
  • Capture the needs, behaviors and pain points for each user group
  • Who will be using my product and what are their key characteristics?
  • How do my target customers currently use my product?

Who we work with