User Testing & Market Research

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Get Paid for Your Valuable Opinions

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UX Research for Artificial Intelligence


UX Design Services

User Testing & Market Research

man playing console video game

Get Paid for Your Valuable Opinions

data streaming background

UX Research for Artificial Intelligence


UX Design Services

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Outstanding User Research

With over 15 years of experience, URI has established a reputation for exceptional research.

URI consistently attracts repeat clients who reap the rewards of our skilled research and recruitment teams. Our proficiency lies in conducting both quantitative and qualitative user research, generating concrete outcomes for product development.

Provide Feedback on Products

Earn money by taking part in user research and product development.

Are you looking to make some extra money? Participate in studies and fuel the innovation of product development through the URI Participant Portal. With new studies added daily, you’re sure to find something that interests you! Studies typically last between 60-90 minutes and most can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Join today and get involved in the latest products!

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Targeted Recruitment

URI locates individuals that meet even the most challenging criteria.

URI’s propriety panel of over 76,000+ qualified participants, along with our full-service recruiting staff, can help you conduct the thorough research you need by providing participants that fit your user profiles. At URI, we employ specialized recruiting applications to streamline the research process and find the perfect participant for your project.

World-Class UX Design

Our team of UX Designers has 20+ years experience delivering genuine value to businesses and their customers.

We know that UX Research and UX Design go better together, ensuring your products and services gain a sustainable advantage over your competitors.

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Optimal Facilities

User Research International is founded on in-person research.

At URI, you can find research labs to meet your needs, all of which offer remote moderation capabilities and enable you to monitor your session from any internet-enabled location. To ensure safety in light of COVID-19, URI also offers Contactless Lab Pods and has a dedicated team to manage these spaces with technical support. Furthermore, they can build custom labs at your requested location.

On-demand Researchers, Recruiters and more.

Remote or on-site staffing for contract, contract-to-hire or permanent positions.

Our candidates are evaluated based on their specialized skills and techniques tailored to the industry, enabling us to find the perfect fit for your project. We can provide a staff member or complete research teams if needed. 

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Domain Knowledge and Experience


Researched Projects

URI has mapped out customer journeys, delivered competitive benchmarks and opportunity assessments, and much more.


Participants Recruited

Have a unique profile that you need to recruit for a study? URI has your custom recruitment covered.


Countries Worked In

URI’s global reach allows you to conduct studies with users of different cultural backgrounds and languages.


Qualified Panelists

URI has an ever-expanding and comprehensive database of authenticated, receptive participants.

About URI

Since our establishment in 2006, URI has grown to become a leading company in UX Research and UX Design. Our multi-disciplinary team has the expertise to undertake any project, no matter how intricate, bespoke or challenging. Learn more.

AI Research

Research across all the major AI and Machine Learning technologies, as well as developer platforms and services that utilize AI technologies. Learn more.

Accessibility Research, Training & Workshops

Accessibility Evaluation Services to help identify critical accessibility issues for users with disabilities, track errors made on core tasks and determine underlying accessibility issues. Learn more.

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