User Research International provides comprehensive research solutions to industry-leading companies.

Our capabilities span research, analysis, study recruitment, UX design, resource staffing, usability labs, and technical support. With an international reach, we perform both qualitative and quantitative research to elevate customer and user experiences.


UX Research Professionals

Truly International

URI has operated in over 60 countries, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Our extensive knowledge base encompasses a wide variety of product categories and target audiences, ranging from IaaS cloud platforms to medical devices, from online travel portals to financial services, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality devices.


Financial Services

Pharma & Healthcare



We customize each project to suit our clients' strategic and tactical requirements based on:

  • Our deep experience within and across industry sectors
  • Our expertise in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Our best-practice conceptual and interaction design expertise

Complex Domain Expertise

With extensive experience in emerging technologies and specialized domains, we offer unique solutions while upholding strict data security protocols. We’re a trusted partner, ensuring compliance with NDAs and SLAs while confidently navigating complex landscapes.

Long-term Partnerships

Our long-term partnerships provide consistent support, guidance, and innovative solutions that drive continuous growth and progress. We take pride in celebrating our clients’ accomplishments, knowing that our collaborative efforts have contributed to their ongoing success.

End-to-End Research Solution

We are an end-to-end research solution that encompass everything from recruitment to staffing, analysis, and technical support. With usability labs and a highly-specialized participant panel, we’re a comprehensive user research solution provider.

Client-Centric Approach

We listen attentively to understand each client’s unique needs, collaboratively creating tailored research strategies. We measure our success by the positive impact on our clients’ businesses and celebrate their achievements as integral partners on a journey of discovery and continuous improvement.

Consistent Innovation

We are dedicated to consistent innovation and improvement in our services, products, and methodologies, ensuring optimal solutions for our clients and participants.

Company Values

Love What We Do

Knowing that fun and hard work co-exist. URI enjoys helping people, and genuinely cares about project success. 

Strong Relationships

URI strives to understand and get to know their customers. URI’s experience helps to create plans that lead to results. With a belief that people matter and put that into every interaction with their clients, participants and staff. 

Exceptional Results

Everything URI does is for a reason. Uncovering insights that are actionable and drive advancement. URI helps customers apply discoveries in meaningful ways.

Agility and Adaptability

Valuing the ability to create success under changing conditions. URI understands that life is fluid, and is committed to achieving excellence in any situation. 


URI values new ideas, imagination and new ways of solving problems. Striving to make the impossible happen, URI  combines skills and creativity to build strong solutions.

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URI’s foundation lies in its people, not algorithms or bots. The team is managed by experienced research professionals who have recruited top talent to provide a level of service and expertise not available from other research companies. Learn more.


URI boasts a diverse workforce that values teamwork and provides a supportive atmosphere conducive to professional growth. Learn more.

UX Design Services

Our team of UX Designers has 20+ years experience of providing conceptual and interaction design services that positively impact business and customer outcomes. Learn more.