Custom UX Research Labs

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On-Premise UX Research Labs

Need to conduct UX research in a controlled, full-supported environment at your own location? We build specialized labs that suit your needs and budget.

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With our custom labs you can:

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Custom Built Labs:

  • We come to your location for a consultation to find your perfect solution
  • Professional, reliable, and easy to manage labs that create an optimal research experience
  • We can modernize and optimize your existing labs
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Lab Capabilities:

  • Run desktop, mobile, and other device studies
  • Stream viewing to remote stakeholders
  • Customizable composite video feeds from multiple devices
  • KVM allows for remote control of participant PC
  • Simplicity for quick ramp-up
  • Eye tracking
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Equipment Specs:

  • Custom-built capture PC for moderation and recording
  • Custom-built participant PC
  • Audio mixers, microphones, and speakers for both participant and observer sides
  • Multiple camera options for face, room, and device capture
  • Large viewing screen and monitors for observers

Mobile Labs

  • We provide mobile lab kits that can easily be setup in any space
  • Our technicians can assist with configuration and support of any mobile lab sessions

Portable Labs

  • A research lab in a suitcase
  • We build custom solutions that you can take on the road with you

Focus Group Rooms

  • We create spaces that are optimized for moderation and observation
  • Large or small we can get your room online and ready for your next focus group session

COVID-19 Concerns?

We are experts in managing labs and operations that exceed the highest COVID-19 safety standards as verified by the NSF®.

Let us get your study started in a proper lab environment.