Facilities & Usability Labs

with Remote Moderation

Real-time and Remote

Our Redmond, WA office has full service usability labs that allow local team members to observe sessions in-person or remotely via real-time streaming.


Usability Labs


Large Focus Group Lab


Contactless Lab Pods

On-Site Usability Labs in Redmond, WA

User Research International, as experienced researchers, understands the importance of proper lab conditions for conducting sessions, as well as the value of having experienced staff on hand. When you work with URI, the facility is ready for your arrival, and URI provides full support. We ensure an excellent experience for you, your stakeholders, and participants.

Lab offerings:

  • Audio monitoring
  • Video capture
  • Remote real-time streaming
  • IT and A/V technicians on-site
  • Fully accessible spaces
usability lab at User Research International

Our Facilities Include:

remote moderation

Remote, Real-time Streaming

Labs can stream sessions in real-time allowing researchers to observe from their office or home.


Audio Monitoring

Allows researchers to capture clear audio from participants inside the labs.

video camera

Video Capture

Using strategically placed 4k cameras can capture even the slightest interactions with devices.


On-site IT and A/V Technicians

A dedicated team of professionals to set up devices and make sure your technology requirements are met.


Accessible Spaces

URI has years of experience hosting in-person studies for people with disabilities.

Custom UX Lab Solutions

Need to conduct UX research in a controlled, full-supported environment at your own location? URI builds specialized labs that suit your needs and budget.

With custom labs you can:

  • Find the perfect lab solution for you and your team with help from our experts
  • Create a real-time observation experience for you and your team
  • Take advantage of stress-free lab management by letting our technicians maintain and support all equipment
  • Conduct research on your schedule when you need it

URI Contactless Lab Pods

URI is dedicated to the wellbeing of our participants, clients, and researchers, so we have created ‘Contactless Lab Pods’. These 100-square foot hygienic, stand-alone pods have their own entrance and isolated air space, and are sanitized per URI’s COVID-19 protocols after each use.

Contactless Lab Pods include:

  • Contactless hosting
  • Air sanitation
  • Surface sanitation
  • Adherence to CDC guidelines
  • Fully remote moderation access
  • UV light sterilization
contactless lab pod interior

Let’s get your next study started in a proper lab environment.