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Influence the Future of Technology, Products and Services

Learn About Emerging Technology

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Get Paid to Share your Valuable Opinions

man playing console video game

Influence the Future of Technology, Products & Services

Learn About Emerging Technology

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Get Paid to Share your Valuable Opinions

Earn money sharing your valuable opinions on daily-use products, services, and technology.

How it works:

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Join our growing community of technology professionals, computer users, gamers, and people like you who participate in research studies such as online surveys, one-on-one interviews, user tests, and more.

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Share your feedback and influence future development of the products and services you use every day from technology and productivity apps to online games and tools for developers and educators. There’s something for everyone.

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Keep informed about emerging technologies, products, and services. Help others learn by sharing your valuable user experience with the companies designing these products and services.

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Get paid

Participants are paid quickly for each completed research engagement. Payments are sent electronically and can be converted to cash, prepaid cards, gift cards and more.


By registering on the URI Participant Portal, you can select studies that are based on profiles that match your experience and interests. You can choose as many profiles as you wish and may be asked to answer a series of questions in order to be considered for the study. To increase your chances of being chosen to participate, select the profile(s) that fit you best.


Everyone qualifies for consumer studies, there is no prior experience required for these studies.


Studies for people who play console, computer, mobile or VR/AR video games.

Information Workers

If you use productivity software at work such as Microsoft Office Suite or Google Suite these studies are for you.

Person with a Disability

These studies are intended for people with physical, sensory, or mental conditions or impairments.

Technology Professionals

These studies are for people who are software/devops engineers, data professionals, data scientists, IT professionals, etc.


If you travel for business or pleasure these studies are for you.


We also have studies for students, educators, health care workers, seniors, parents, etc.

Our Participants tell us

Get paid to share your opinions.

Your feedback is essential for us to create better products, and we need people from all walks of life to take part in research studies and help shape new technologies and products.

Influence the future of technology, products and services.

Share your opinion and experiences on products you use every day and get paid for it!

Refer a friend

We’re always looking for more people like you! If you know someone who would be interested in participating in a study, please have them sign up in our database!

What to expect when participating

For your valuable time and input, you will be rewarded with a gratuity ranging from $75 to $350, paid via your preferred payment method. Participation should take less than two hours, and you won’t need to prepare anything beforehand. Simply come on time and be ready to give feedback! If you aren’t asked to join a study after filling out the survey, don’t worry; other opportunities will be available soon.

Help Center

The URI Help Center is your place for commonly asked questions regarding participating in research studies, we encourage you to visit the Help Center. 

Remember: URI is testing the product, not you.