Process Modeling & Information Architecture

Process Modeling & Information Architecture

Modern products are frequently complex. Process modeling and information architecture take a high-level view to ensure the system always supports the user. Building on user research, personas are developed to capture the needs, behaviors, and pain points for each user group. Process modeling captures how personas perform tasks in a task flow diagram. An information architecture, which is developed to support the requirements described in the personas and task flow diagrams, is a blueprint for how information can be organized to make the whole system easier to understand.

Let us help you answer questions like:

  • Do users understand our new navigation scheme?
  • How could the information in our product be better organized?
  • Where are breakdowns happening in common user tasks?
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Process Modeling and Information Architecture Methods:

  • Task flow modeling
  • Information architecture
  • Hierarchical task analysis
  • Persona development
  • Use case studies