Qualitative Research Training Workshops

Level up your UX Team with Qualitative Research Training Workshops

These interactive workshops are developed and run by our seasoned experts who are highly experienced with qualitative research methods and advanced analysis. Designed for both qual research novices as well as for those who want to level up their qual research experience, the workshops can be a refresher or provide additional depth of knowledge. Half-day or full-day workshops include case studies to provide real-world examples of the outcomes and benefits of these analyses as well as knowledge checks and Q&A to ensure full understanding of the material. Request more information.

URI offers several qualitative research workshops, including:

  • Managing Qualitative Research Projects
  • The Art and Craft of Screeners
  • Usability Studies and Benchmarks
  • Effective Task Writing
  • Interviewing 101: Essential Skills
  • Interviewing 201: Interactive Workshop
  • Diary Studies: Best Practices
  • Writing Actionable Insights
  • AI Prompt Engineering for UX Research
  • Presenting Research: Best Practices
  • Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Managing Qualitative Research Projects

Dive deep into the qualitative UX research process, end-to-end, from initial planning to delivering evidence-based, actionable insights. This workshop covers key milestones, essential deliverables, and proven strategies to effectively engage stakeholders and “bring them along with you” throughout the project. Ensure your research not only meets objectives but also drives meaningful, customer-centric decisions.

The Art and Craft of Screeners

High quality participants generate high quality data. Discover the nuanced art and craft of creating top notch participant screeners. In this workshop, we’ll define three key audiences, and the three main deliverables related to screeners, and the best practices that will elevate your recruitment skills to ensure your research efforts yield the best possible insights.

Usability Studies and Benchmarks: Best Practices

This workshop delves into the best practices for both formative usability studies and summative benchmarks. Understand when to use each method, how to implement them effectively, and the unique insights they generate. Gain the knowledge to select the appropriate approach for your research objectives and optimize your validation testing to drive impactful results.

Effective Task Writing

Enhance your research outcomes by mastering the art of task writing. This workshop focuses on developing effective tasks for both benchmarks and usability tests. Learn best practices, gain practical tips, and participate in hands-on exercises to create tasks that yield meaningful and actionable insights.

Interviewing 101: Essential skills

Gain essential skills for conducting participant interviews in various research contexts, including benchmarks, usability studies, and in-depth interviews. This workshop covers best practices, question formulation, and effective interviewing techniques to ensure you uncover and extract insightful and actionable data.

Interviewing 201: Interactive Workshop

Improve your interviewing skills with our immersive, hands-on workshop. Participate in role-playing exercises designed to provide practical experience and boost your confidence in conducting effective interviews. This session will equip you with the following techniques: building rapport and active listening, crafting open-ended and unbiased questions, and probing for deeper insights that ladder up to the core research objectives.

Diary Studies: Best Practices

Enhance your research toolkit with best practices for conducting effective longitudinal research. This workshop includes two interesting case studies that display how key concepts of this method are applied. Learn how to capture rich, real-world user insights over time and apply these techniques to enhance your UX research strategy.

Writing Actionable Insights

This workshop equips you with the practical skills needed to get the most out of your research. Learn how to transform raw data into clear, actionable insights, that directly inform design decisions. Learn techniques to distill complex findings into clear, impactful recommendations that resonate with stakeholders.

Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Led by an expert UX researcher specializing in accessibility, this session dives deep into accessibility research, and also covers inclusive design principles. Learn from research case studies conducted on accessible products, and gain insights into successful strategies and real-world applications. Learn best practices to ensure your designs are inclusive and meet accessibility standards. Join us to elevate your UX knowledge and make your user experiences more equitable and impactful for everyone.

AI Use Cases and Prompt Engineering for UX

Elevate your research capabilities with our comprehensive workshop on AI Prompt Engineering for UX Researchers. Discover key best practices and common pitfalls to avoid when integrating AI-enhanced tools into your research workflow. Immerse yourself in a practical, hands-on session where you’ll learn and apply a proven 4-step framework for crafting effective AI prompts. In the breakout sessions, you will generate robust drafts of three essential research deliverables, and acquire the skills to enhance your research efficiency and effectiveness in using AI technology responsibly.

Presenting UX Research for Maximum Impact

Presenting UX research effectively to stakeholders is not just a secondary skill—it’s a core, primary skill essential for driving positive change, driven by evidence and insights that you present to the team. This session empowers you with essential skills to transform your UX findings into clear, impactful presentations that resonate with stakeholders, foster customer empathy, and influence decision-making.

Whether you’re introverted, a perfectionist, or struggle with confidence, presenting your research is a skill you can develop and master. Gain insights into understanding stakeholders’ needs, promoting empathy through your presentations, and excelling in the final Q&A session. Join us to elevate your presentation skills and achieve success in communicating UX research effectively.

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