Quantitative Research

Know your customers. Understand your markets.

URI’s quantitative research team can help you better understand your markets and your customers by gathering and analyzing information from your target audiences. Our highly experienced researchers will work with you to design studies that address your business objectives, analyze and provide insights that will improve your products and grow your business.

Targeted Surveys

We conduct surveys with highly specialized audiences, such as IT pros and developers, and users of specific technologies, products and services, as well as with general population user groups.

Panel Provision

We have our own proprietary panel, comprised of IT pros and developers, information workers, technology/device users, decision makers, and general population audiences. These audiences can be targeted based on the types of technology they use or develop for, the decision maker type, and the type of general population audience based on demographics and psychographics.

Study Design

Our team of experienced researchers takes the time to consult with you to understand your organization, your product and product space, and your competitive environment, in order to develop a detailed research plan that collects the type of information and insights you need to make informed and actionable decisions.

In-Depth Analysis & Detailed Reporting

Our highly trained and experienced researchers provide all types of multivariate analyses, including key driver analysis (regressions of various types and Bayesian analysis, depending on study needs), latent class modeling, choice modeling, and multidimensional scaling & correspondence analysis, among others.

Analyses Offered​

We offer various types of statistical analysis for quantitative studies.

Kano Model

  • Set priorities and allocate resources for product development
  • Understand how capabilities are different from each other, rather than how much they are different
  • Identify audience-specific needs and wants
  • Help differentiate products from competitors

Segmentation/Persona Development (Cluster Analysis or Latent Class Analysis)

  • Gain greater understanding of your user base, and how they use your products
  • Tailor products/services to fit the specific needs of the target audiences
  • Generate targeted marketing messages
  • Identify how to differentiate products based on user needs, wants and preferences
  • Drive product innovation based on changing user attitudes and needs, and on new offerings/technologies in the marketplace

MaxDiff/Choice Modeling

  • Message testing – determine which messages are most effective
  • Brand preference – identify the  attributes that are most important in driving brand preference
  • Product features/Concept testing – determine which features/feature sets are most important/optimize revenue?

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