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A deeper understanding of people’s needs, attitudes and behaviors is the foundation for successful products and services.

We provide Research Services at every step of the UX lifecycle, utilizing our expertise in formative and summative research, and a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. We work closely with our clients to translate evidence-based insights into opportunities and challenges, and to ensure product and service improvements deliver genuine value.

We adapt to the way our clients need us to work, delivering end-to-end projects or providing specialist skills as part of a larger team. Every project takes an approach and timeline that is tailored to your goals, budget and key stakeholders’ needs.


Researched Projects

URI has conducted over 1,400 individual research projects in over 60 countries.

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We are BHBIA certified in Adverse Events, Product Quality Complaints and Special Reporting Situations; and BHBIA certified in Legal and Ethical requirements.

Clients tell us

Example Research Services we provide throughout the UX Lifecycle

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Customer Understanding

  • Secondary Research
  • Primary Research e.g. via Depth & Intercept Interviews, Diary Studies, Ethnographic Studies
  • UX Benchmarking & Competitive Landscapes
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Quantitative Market Segmentations
designers comparing layout designs for graphic interface

Strategic Solutions

  • Primary Research e.g. via Depth Interviews with Stimulus, Open & Closed Card Sorts
  • Quantitative Personas
  • Prioritization (Kano Analysis)
  • Feature Comparison (MaxDiff Analysis)
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Interface Solutions

  • Lean UX Research Sprints, including Show & Tells with Stakeholders & Devs
  • Tree Tests
  • Prototype Tests
  • Usability Tests
  • Eye-tracking Tests
  • Accessibility Expert Reviews & Tests

Continual Improvement

  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking
  • Brand/Product Value Tracking
  • UX Benchmarking & Competitive Landscapes
  • Usability Expert Reviews & Tests

Our Research Process

A single round of research tends to take five weeks, including participant recruitment, from kick-off to sharing final findings and recommendations. We adapt our approach to the specific needs of each project, and the overview below lists examples of components that can be included.

Project Definition

  • Team, Roles & Ways of Working
  • Research Goals & Focus
  • Target Audience
  • Methodologies & Metrics
  • Timeline & Milestones

Participant Recruitment

  • Screener(s)
  • Screening, vetting and scheduling participants and observers
  • Secure collection & storage of Informed Consent/NDAs
  • Gratuity disbursement

Study Preparation

  • Research Plan
  • Discussion Guide, Stimulus Prototypes etc. as appropriate
  • Data collection tool(s) & metrics
  • Tech config(s)

Conduct Research

  • Dry run/pilot session, and final iteration of research materials
  • Moderate sessions in the field/ in labs/remotely
  • Set up and test data collection tool(s) and final iteration
  • Collect data

Analysis & Reporting

  • Initial analysis & emerging headlines
  • Detailed analysis
  • Show & Tell with key stakeholders
  • Findings report, including prioritized recommendations
  • GDPR compliant audio/video clips

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