How User Research Can Make Your Product Better

How User Research Can Make Your Product Better

Market Research / Segmentation Contextual User Understanding Scenario Gathering / Workflow Analysis Customer Modeling / Persona Development
Feature Validation UI Layout Testing Visual Design Information Architecture Design
Usability Issues Terminology Issues Information Architecture Refinement
Baseline Success Metrics Satisfaction

Why work with us?

  • URI is responsible for staffing projects appropriately. When running simultaneous projects or projects run in quick succession requiring increased resources, there is no need to hire or manage multiple vendors.
    Single point
    vendor management
  • URI can run as many labs as necessary by adding more resources to a project. If you have a sudden need to run 10 or more usability labs in a month or a number of labs simultaneously, we are able to accommodate seamlessly.
  • There may be months when your company may not be running any studies or running only a single study. Because URI operates on a project basis, you don’t need to pay for research staff during down times.
    Only pay for
    work done
  • When reviewing actual impact of where vendor budget was spent, it is simply a case of listing out all projects completed. Likewise forecasting is simply a case of listing out the expected number of projects with a standard price for each.
    Simple forecasting of
    vendor budget use
  • In the case where a high priority project needs to be delivered quickly, URI has the option to allocate multiple researchers to run and analyze projects in parallel and deliver on rush projects.
  • URI has the capability to conduct research in person or online in most locales worldwide.
    Simple access to
    international research
  • URI is able to conduct research outside of usability lab testing such as search relevancy testing, entrance and exit surveys, online diaries, focus groups, contextual inquiry and ethnography. As such we are able to answer research questions that may be outside of the scope of traditional testing.
    Access to a wide range
    of methodologies
  • URI has simple, per project pricing for all research. All costs are defined up front, with no hidden or additional charges.
    pricing structure

Our Timeline Process

Project Definition


• Team and roles • Goals and scope • Audience profile(s) • Research focus • Methodologies and metrics • Timeline and milestones

Research Planning


• Participant recruiting • Research plan development • Test resource setup • Data collection setup


Review & Approve:

• Research plan • Data collection metrics   and tools • Test resource configuration • Run-through/pilot



• Research moderation • Data collection

Analysis and Reporting


• Data analysis • Insights report • Findings presentation to client