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UX Research for Artificial Intelligence

URI has 10+ years of experience conducting research across all the major AI and Machine Learning technologies, as well as developer platforms and services that utilize AI technologies.

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Consumer AI Technology Experience

  • Comparative analysis of consumer AI technologies.
  • Comparative analysis of AI assisted developer coding competitor tools.
  • Creation of Personas for AI tools and data specialists involved in all aspects of data pipelines, data storage, data science, ML model creation and management, ML infrastructure, as well as developers utilizing ML models in app development.
  • Large scale MaxDiff research studies to prioritize features of ML technologies for Data Scientists and ML Engineers End user testing of front-end consumer services (search engines, productivity tools, chat bots).

URI has an internal technical support team that provisions these technologies regularly for evaluation and testing.

Recruiting AI Users/Developers

Our internal technical support and AV teams have a breadth of hardware and software setup and support experience, and work hand-in-hand with our developer and cloud operations teams to support in-person and remote testing of AI powered products and services.

URI has recruited over 500 participants for qualitative AI studies in 2023 including:

  • Developers working in the AI space.
  • Early adopters end users of AI technologies.
  • IoT Developers, Administrators.

Technical Research Support Team

URI’s technical UX research team has had a heavy focus on AI for the past 6 months working hand-in-hand with our developer and cloud operations teams to support in-person and remote testing of AI powered products and services.

Capabilities include:

  • Setting up and staging AI systems and tools for in-person and online testing, including custom app and service coding.
  • Large scale synchronous and asynchronous testing of software systems, including secure test streaming and video/screen capture.
  • International testing including automated transcription and translation of sessions that are not conducted in English.
  • Secure, in-person facilities that can accommodate all forms of hardware testing of AI powered systems.

AI Powered Tools & Methodologies

Our internal developer team is innovating a number of tools based on the latest AI technologies, with the goal of further innovating URI’s methods and tools upon which URI conducts research for clients and delivers timely and actionable insights.

Systems and workflows:

  • Proprietary custom-engineered AI tools allowing rapid analysis and insight generation for large amounts of raw qualitative or quantitative data, managing the whole pipeline from raw data to insights breakdown across research goals.
  • AI powered video transcription, translation and subtitle creation.
  • AI powered de-identification of images to remove personally identifiable information (PII) and other private information in bulk (removing PII data from thousands of captured images and videos).

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