Recruiting Services

Specialists in Custom UX/CX Study Recruitment

URI is a full service firm that provides recruiting, scheduling, confirmation, NDA’s, and gratuity services to guarantee a smooth running project. A single contact is assigned to your project to keep you up to date and to accommodate any changes or questions you might have.

Recruitment services include:

  • Quality participant vetting
  • Study Engagement Plan
  • Non-disclosure agreement collection
  • Participant scheduling and confirmation
  • Recruitment status updates
  • Gratuity disbursement
  • Worldwide study recruitment


Recruiting Projects in the last five years

Our Clients tell us


Qualified Participants

URI boasts a continually expanding and comprehensive collection of authenticated, responsive participants.


Participants Recruited

URI has recruited 40,000+ participants for both in-person and remote studies around the world in the past five years.


Show Rate

URI has consistently achieved a 95% attendance rate and high satisfaction rates among participants.

Recruiting Process

Submit Initial Profile Requirements

Please submit the project inquiries, participant profiles, and screener to Once approved, your study will be able to move forward and URI will keep you updated with cloud-based documents throughout the entire process.

Dedicated Coordinator Assigned

By using a single-point vendor management model, you will benefit from having an experienced UX Project Coordinator who is devoted to your project from start to finish. This includes tasks such as recruiting, scheduling, confirming NDA’s and more.

Closeout Project, Pay Participants

Upon study completion the UX Project Coordinator will confirm with client contact that the study is complete, verify all participants who participated in the study, and coordinate the processing of all confirmed participant gratuity payments associated with the study.

Panelists and Profiling

With over 15 years of experience, URI has created a database of panelists who have been completely evaluated and suitable for your upcoming study.​

female developer checking code

Developer & IT Professionals

Profiles based on:

  • IT Administrators
  • Analysts
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Support
information worker at computer

Information Workers

Profiles by use of top industry systems and tools such as:

  • Browsers
  • CRM software
  • Communications Platforms
  • Operating Systems
  • Productivity Suites
  • ERP software
woman using voice assistant device

Device Profiling

Profiling for various device use such as:

  • Computers
  • Digital Assistants
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Phones & Tablets
  • Search Engines
  • VR & Wearables
gamer in front of monitor

Gaming Profiling

Profiling based on:

  • Games Played
  • Gaming Platform
  • Expertise Level
  • Hardware
person using tablet device

Accessibility Profiling

Profiling based on:

  • Blind & Low Vision
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Mobility
  • Cognitive ability
02 Design: Concept Validation

Custom Profiles

URI specializes in finding participants for your specific study needs.

To recruit qualified participants for your next study