UX Researcher & Participant Recruiter Staffing

UX Researcher & Participant Recruiter Staffing

Reinforce your team with on-demand Researchers, Recruiters and more.

As a research firm, URI understands what is required to deliver excellent research. The candidates from URI are evaluated on specific skills and methodologies that are unique to the industry. Whether you need experienced researchers to moderate sessions or recruiters to find participants who fit your specific profiles, URI can build your team or scale it as needed.

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contract staffing:

  • Project-based commitments, truly on-demand as needed
  • Remote or on-site staffing for contract, contract-to-hire or permanent positions
  • The ability to staff an individual or entire project team
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URI Staffing Roles:

  • Researchers (Qualitative)
  • Researchers (Quantitative)
  • Mixed Method Researchers
  • UX Participant Recruiters
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Technicians
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custom staffing:

  • Targeted recruitment based off of your specific needs
  • Candidates are reviewed by experts in the research industry

For more information on how URI can staff your
next project please email: projectrequest@uriux.com