Accessibility Research Workshops

URI provides Accessibility Research Workshops to client research teams.

Our Accessibility Research Workshops are available in both half-day and full-day formats. Let our experts guide you through the process of integrating accessibility research into your product design. Request more information.

Accessibility Research Workshops Cover:

  • Regulations & Guidelines​
  • Common Accessibility Issues Across Devices/Platforms
  • Testing
  • Hands-On Workshop
  • Conducting Accessibility Testing with Participants
  • Q&A Panel with Participants

Regulations & Guidelines

Our accessibility workshop provides an in-depth understanding of key guidelines and regulations such as Section 508 and WCAG 2.2. We educate attendees on how these rules and guidelines apply to the development, procurement, maintenance, and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), ensuring they are equipped to build accessible products.

Common Accessibility Issues Across Devices/Platforms

Get a comprehensive understanding of the various types of disabilities that may impact a user’s experience with your products or website. Learn what factors to consider when developing accessible products for workplaces, educational institutions, and entertainment. Dive deep into the workings of screen reader technology and familiarize yourself with commonly used screen magnification tools to ensure accessibility for blind and low vision users across devices and platforms.


Learn about Automated, Manual, and Lab testing methods. Automated testing identifies potential WCAG violations, Manual testing ensures WCAG 2.2 compliance and identifies issues missed by automated tests, while Lab testing involves users with disabilities to uncover usability-related accessibility issues and foster empathy within product teams. 

Hands-On Workshop

In our hands-on accessibility workshop, attendees will navigate a website using only a screen reader and a keyboard, simulating the experience of an accessible technology user. Workshop attendees will identify and discuss accessibility issues, learn to navigate websites and apps using NVDA, and conduct a mock expert review referencing the WCAG 2.2 guidelines.

Conducting Accessibility Testing with Participants

Learn how to conduct an accessibility study that creates a welcoming and accommodating environment for participants, including considerations for guide dogs, pre-installed assistive technology, adjustable lighting, signature guides, and other topics. The moderation process is key, including building rapport, providing context and options for reading tasks, allowing more time for tasks, and ensuring respectful and normal interaction with participants.

Q&A Panel with Participants

In our accessibility workshop, attendees will participate in a Q&A session with our panel of participants to discuss the importance of digital accessibility and its impact on their daily lives.

Join us for a workshop and let's create a more inclusive digital world together.

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