Contactless Lab Pods

Contactless Lab Pods

For In-Person Research

URI’s Contactless Labs adhere to CDC COVID-19 requirements and maintain strict cleanliness protocols. They are a solitary space, avoiding all contact with others, with their own ventilation system, and URI staff stay up-to-date on the latest safety guidelines related to COVID-19.

contactless lab pod interior

Contactless Hosting

  • Electronic door locks opened remotely upon visual confirmation of participant’s arrival and identification

Air Sanitation​

  • Uses independent air space (no shared air with other enclosed spaces)
  • Air is cycled 12 times per hour through HEPA filters
  • Wait time between lab uses ensures the entire air volume has been refreshed

Surface Sanitation​

  • All surfaces fully sanitized in adherence with CDC guidelines between sessions
  • URI sanitation procedures and protocols externally audited and checked by NSF.
  • Cleaning procedure performed between participants includes equipment and hardware, such as computers
  • UV light sterilization between each lab use (known to kill 99.99% of viruses)
contactless lab pod exterior
video camera

What does the Contactless Lab process look like?

The URI staff wears safety and sanitation gear prior to setting up, during resetting between sessions, and when the on-site technician enters the Contactless Lab before and after sessions. All researchers and participants interact remotely via video conferencing technology, with the technician remaining in close proximity and available should the need arise.


Participant arrives on-site and enters Contactless Lab.


On-screen receptionist greets participant.


Once the participant has entered the Contactless Lab, the researcher greets the participant via webcam.


Researcher hosts the session remotely using webcams, microphones, and speakers.


Upon participant departure, URI Technician sanitizes the Contactless Lab following URI’s cleaning process.

User Research International has successfully completed NSF’s Checked by NSF program, which verifies that participating businesses and institutions have taken the necessary steps to reopen and stay open while minimizing Corona Virus risk for their customers, guests and employees. NSF’s work with User Research International included developing and reviewing Covid-19 prevention and reopening plans.

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