Usability Labs

Usability Labs with Remote Moderation

As researchers, we know how important proper labs conditions are for conducting sessions and how vital experienced staff can be.

When you work with User Research International the facility is fully prepared before your arrival, there is always support available, and we go the extra mile to ensure a great experience for you, your stakeholders, and your participants.

usability lab with monitors for user testing and product development

Usability Labs

Conducting a usability study can provide insights into how a user interacts with your product or service.

Usability lab spaces provide:

  • Fully remote moderation access
  • Large, comfortable observation rooms for you and your team
  • Accessible for people with disabilities
  • On-site staff ensure a productive experience
  • All equipment to run studies including computers, mobile devices, game consoles, eye tracking and more
focus group room

Focus Groups and Large Flex Spaces

Gathering data from a focus group can provide a more comprehensive understanding of participants’ reactions, while also saving time.

Focus group rooms include:

  • Accommodations for up to 12 participants
  • Observation room where stakeholders can view the live focus group
  • Options to upgrade room to suit your specific study
people listening to a guest speaker


Host a workshop with your team at our facility and promote free-thinking and clear ideas.

Workshop space provides:

  • Accommodations for up to 50 people
  • External streaming capabilities to a broader audience
  • Common room viewing

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contactless lab pod exterior

Contactless Lab Pods

Contactless Lab Pods are a solitary space, avoiding all contact with others, with their own ventilation system, and URI staff stay up-to-date on the latest safety guidelines related to COVID-19. Learn more.
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About URI

URI, established in 2006, has quickly become a top company in user research. Our comprehensive firm has the capability to handle intricate projects and personalized research. Learn more.
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At URI, we specialize in recruiting for custom profiles to ensure you get the right participants for your study, so that you can gather meaningful insights. Learn more.

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